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Hospital Tort Liability to Third Parties for Failure to Diagnose Ebola?
If the revelation this week that a patient in the United States has been diagnosed with Ebola virus is not scary enough, the news that the hospital at which the diagnosis was made actually sent him home days earlier without considering that diagnosis may be scarier still.

“The Sky’s the Limit” – But How Much for Drones?
In our last article, we reported on the rise in interest and use of personal drones or “quadcopters”. On almost a daily basis now, one can find a news story about drone incidents or videos of the stunning pictures that users can take from the sky, as they are increasingly being used to capture aerial footage.

Personal Drones Invade the Legal World
They are referred to as unmanned aircraft (“UA”), unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAV”), unmanned aerial systems (“UAS”), remotely piloted aircraft (“RPA”), remotely piloted vehicles (“RPV”), and remotely piloted air systems (“RPAS”). Some of these terms are uniquely distinguishable from others, but they have all been found to fall under one generic category – drones.

The Last Word on Red Light Cameras in Missouri
We previously wrote blogs on various red-light traffic ticket ordinances in Missouri and the fact that the Missouri Court of Appeals has ruled that various ordinances are in conflict with Missouri state law.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want — Or Can You?
We have all read the headlines and gossip magazines about child celebrities suing their parents for the millions of dollars they claim their parents squandered of the child’s earnings. But what if the child suing their parent is not a talented celebrity and not worth millions themselves?

Is There Really a Loophole in Missouri’s DWI Law?
A recent front-page article in the Post-Dispatch reported on a potential loophole in Missouri’s DWI law. By way of background, a driver who is ticketed for suspicion of DWI and has a Blood Alcohol Content (“BAC”) of at least 0.08% (more precisely stated as 0.80 grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath) faces two independent proceedings.

To Shovel or Not to Shovel, that is the Question
As you head out into the frigid temperatures to shovel the snow or throw salt on your driveway or sidewalk, you might consider your options. According to Missouri law, homeowners do not have an automatic duty to remove the snow and ice. But before you throw away your snow shovel, you should know that there are at least three exceptions or situations by which you may have the responsibility to remove snow and ice.

Kansas City is the Latest City to See Their Red Light Camera Ordinance Voided
In our most recent article, we commented upon Missouri’s inconsistent red-light camera rulings. In Edwards, et al. v. City of Ellisville and American Traffic Solutions, Inc., ED99389 (2013), the Missouri Court of Appeals for the Eastern District handed down a ruling invalidating the “red-light camera” ordinance of the municipality of Ellisville, Missouri.

STOP! Red Light Confusion
Recently, in Edwards, et al. v. City of Ellisville and American Traffic Solutions, Inc., ED99389 (2013), the Missouri Court of Appeals for the Eastern District handed down a ruling invalidating the “red light camera” ordinance of the municipality of Ellisville, Missouri. Curiously, the same Court upheld a red light camera ordinance in another St. Louis area municipality, Creve Coeur, in 2011.

Another Benefit of Carrying Auto Insurance
This past week, the Missouri Legislature voted to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of House Bill 339. That bill, euphemistically categorized as “no pay, no play” legislation, effectively limits the damages an injured driver could claim in an accident if that driver himself was uninsured, even when the accident was the fault of the other driver

Business-Friendly Missouri Allows the Creation of “Series Limited Liability Companies”
On July 1, 2013, Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon signed into law legislation allowing the creation of “series limited liability companies”. (SLLC).

We’re Sending You a Free Gift!

More and more Americans use only their cell phones as their sole telephone number, both to avoid the expense of an unnecessary land line and to try to avoid the relentless robocalls and telemarketers who interrupt many an evening meal.

Tightened Illinois Traffic Rules and Speeding Penalties
If you ever received a speeding ticket in Illinois, you may have been sentenced to “court supervision”, which is a form of probation.